This business I’m in is different. It’s special. The people around me feel like brothers and sisters. We hardly know each other, but we’re that close; somehow there’s been an immediate bonding between total strangers. We share each other’s triumphs, and when one of us gets hurt, we all bleed- it’s corny, I know, but it’s true. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. It’s great. It turns up the heat in life.
— Johnny Cash

Established  in 2007, 717 Entertainment, LLC (then called "The Doctor's Office) has been booking and promoting events in Central PA for over a decade.  What began as one show blossomed into a brand that's consisted of over a hundred shows, countless acts from all over the country and a show that still stands alone in this area, "The 717 Music Awards"


717 Entertainment promotes Musicians, Artisans, and Small Businesses across the Central PA Region.  Through years of experience we have accumulated a  talented network of professionals that spans the country as well as various diverse  event venues located throughout Pennsylvania.