Green Jelly Gives Everyone a Chance to Be a Star

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a rock concert? Generally when you go to a club show you stand in the audience and watch performers on stage rip through a set of their music. You’’ll see 4-6 guys or girls on stage w/ their instruments giving their all to you for 30-90 minutes. There is a show out there that is just a tad different then that. The Green Jelly Punk Rock Puppet show, which is coming to Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center this Saturday February 2nd.

William Manspeaker (the voice and creator of green jelly) had a vision to do something different. Instead of touring w/ the same members week after week, year after year he found that to be difficult. Beginning in around 2012 he began simply hiring fans who can play the music. He flew in to town and would be picked up strangers and took the stage that night w/ new people each night. All you have to do is message the green jelly page or his personal page on facebook and he’ll likely give you a slot in the band. As it stands Green Jelly has over 8,000 active members in the band.

There’s only one Bill Manspeaker though and he’s the brains behind the operation. Not only does he recruit members everywhere he goes but the show is filled with 20 puppet heads which are in the style of his many songs such as “The Cowgod”, “Shitman” and most famously the Big bad wolf from the “Three Little pigs” Song. 20 audience members are selected by their volunteering to put the mask on and jump on stage and be part of the show. This is done every single show w/ 20 new people each time. w/ over 125 shows a year you can imagine how many people get to be part of the show. Meanwhile Mr. Manspeaker is screaming at the audience, standing on a chair in his underwear. In his words “Ive been doing this since 1981, its not about my moment anymore. Its about the fans moments and i’m giving them all their own moments.”.

Bill has maintained a 30+ year career on the strength of one hit song for the most part. He’s found a way to not only keep it going but make it fun because its not just a rock show. This is a punk rock puppet show w/ great songs, audience participation, comedy and his unique way of connecting with the audience. He will jump off stage and bow to the cowgod, give everyone in the front row hugs and hand shakes and simply make everyone feel important.

Bill is taking his family and punk rock puppet show and moving to Europe in march. He’s doing a final U.S. mini tour until then and has all the dates filled as his show is highly sought after. The final show in PA is this Saturday w/ 717 Entertainment at Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center.

Saturday February 2nd
Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center: 1110 N. 3rd St. Harrisburg PA
Price: $15 advance / $18 Day of Show
Doors at 7:30PM / Show at 8:00PM
Opening Acts: Decipher Life, Secret Face, Madness at Midnight
Audiobox, aFourletterWord
For Tickets: or

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