Living The Crazy Life w/ Crazy Town

Seth Binzer (Aka Shifty Shellshock) has lived the life of a rock star since his early years. Upon meeting Bret Mazur in 1992 the duo collaborated under the name “The Brimstone Sluggers” (which would later become the third album under the Crazy Town name). It would be 1995 when the two formed the now legendary act Crazy Town. They got a their first big break w/ a slot on the 1999 Ozzfest tour. The first two singles “Toxic” and “Darkside” got main stream radio play but failed to chart. Two weeks into the ozzfest the act was released from the tour when Seth got drunk and threw a chair through a window.

In 2001 everything changed for the band when they released “Butterfly” to the public. The single soared to #1 on Billboard and took the debut album “The Gift of Game” from 1,000,000 sold to over 1.5 Million. They were given another chance to perform at the 2001 Ozzfest tour and were met w/ mixed reviews but the album sales continued to climb.

The band released the follow up record “Darkhorse” and led with a single called “Drowning” which also managed to chart. By 2008 the drugs and alcohol were beginning to define the life of Seth and he was featured on the first 2 seasons of Celebrity Rehab w/ Dr. Drew. Throughout his stint on the show he was never able to steadily keep his sobriety. He would score some crack and enter the house in a crack induced intoxicated state where he would smoke the rest of it on the roof of the sober house. Upon the second season of Sober house Dr. Drew gave an emotional tribute to Adam Goldstein a former bandmate of Seth. Drew informed everyone that Binzer was still struggling w/ his drug addiction and he was given another chance on Sober House 2.

Seth has fought through all of this and reformed his band, released a new record and is back on the road in 2019. You can catch the band on Thursday February 21st at HMAC along w/ Windchill, Snow Villian, Coal & The Squalors.

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