The Dawning of a New Era

As 717 Entertainment nears its 12th year in existence we promise this will be the biggest year to date. Everyone always says “this will be our biggest year” but the proof is in the pudding here at 717 E. Only in the month of March and we’ve nearly matched our busiest year to date. With 5 shows at Scott Church Studios planned through the spring, summer and fall as well as the nearly weekly events at HMAC this year will likely be in the 50+ range for shows. Here’s a few things we have in our thought tank and also a few already plotted out.

We like doing festivals, especially since we’ve been given the opportunity to book at HMAC w/ 2 full rooms and an acoustic stage. We’ve done the Morning Star Festival twice w/ Super Bob and it was run smoothly each year and we look forward to more like this. Sadly with Super Bob on the shelf we have no Morning Star Festival planned in the near future, however we have decided to turn our annual Mayfest event into a full venue show. This will be headlined by an as yet announced band. Stage on Herr will be headlined by Felix Martin, an unbelievable guitarist that you will have to see to believe. We also have an unannounced Festival being plotted for June 28th so save that day on your calendar as well.

Nationals, Nationals and more Nationals. Early 2019 saw acts like Crazy Town, Crash Test Dummies, Jimmies Chicken Shack, Smile Empty Soul, Flaw, Green Jelly and more take part in 717 Entertainment Shows. We have so many more planned. Already announced are Nita Strauss (guitarist of Alice Cooper), Sponge, (hed)pe, and Hands Like Houses. We are constantly working to get the best national artists through hmac and in front of you. Building those shows w/ amazing local talent. We just confirmed our biggest act to date recently and will be announcing shortly. Many more to come…

We also intend to expand our horizons w/ different genres. We’ve dived pretty deep into the Hip Hop realm recently w/ The Axe is Family tour and coming up we have Wolfpac in April and Boondox in May.

We have a few fun ideas w/ a fan voted show and some other events we cannot talk about but are in the planning process as well. Those who like Star Wars and Vikings should pay close attention in the coming weeks. Recently we saw the debut of RWF (Revolution Wrestling Federation) at H.M.A.C. This is something we intend to be highly involved with in the coming months. Who knows, “Hollywood Nick” may even re-emerge.

The Awards show is something that is asked about generally on a daily basis. “When will you do another awards show”? “Will you do another awards show”? The short answer is: I’m not sure. The potential is closer then ever. I believe that 2020 “Could be” the year. Look for an announcement by the first of September. That’s truly the best answer i can give on that.

That all said, its an extremely exciting time to be around 717 Entertainment. How can YOU help? I’m glad you asked. We intend to have a street team in full force by early summer. Shoot our Facebook a message if interested. Friend Request Nick Meyers as the “group” will be led by him.

Jessica MeyersComment