What a Week So Far...

This is basically a journal entry into the life of Nick and 717 Entertainment. Things in the booking industry are pretty unusual in the sense that they can be very sporadic. Some days you send out 40 emails and receive no responses while other days you can send 4 and get 7. This week started out like any other, had three shows on the weekend to put the final touches on as well as many emails to get to. It seems 80% of this business is emails, phone calls and texts. The actual promotion and shows only encompass 20%. Tuesday was a spectacular day as we finally confirmed Galactic Empire and Friday we were able to officially announce this show that’s been in my head for over a month now. The show features the best star wars band in the land Galactic Empire along w/ a Cosplay Costume Contest, a Tattoo contest and so much more to celebrate “May the 4th be with you” day. Also on Tuesday we were able to secure “Hold” dates for 3 national headliners coming in the next few months. Putting a Hold on a date simply means that band wants to come through our area and we don’t book anything else on that date until we confirm or find out the band cannot do that date in which case it becomes open again. Hopefully we can announce these shows in the next month. We already have an absolutely incredible 9 day span of April 25th w/ (hed)p.e. followed up by April 27th being SPONGE and then following Saturday on the may 4th the Galactic Empire Show. Its amazing how the calendar fills up.

Last evening we kicked off our First Friday events w/ Scott Church for the 2019 season. The show was our most successful one to date. The crowd was great and the bands were all on fire. Damn Decent Fellows kicked it off followed by Lasciate and Another Day Dawns. The final act was Eternal Frequency who played their first ever show on this night. Its always special to witness a band pop their live cherry. They put on a killer set including their hit song “Down” and an encore w/ the song “Drowning” as requested by Mr. Scott Church himself.

Tonight we have the R.E.M. tribute band New Athens along w/ The April Skies at H.M.A.C and tomorrow a special Sunday metal show w/ ENTHEOS, Wolf King, illusions of Granduer, Satanic Panic and Felipe Pupo. Then 717 Entertainment has a weekend off. Until the next blog thanks for reading..

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