717 Entertainment Announces Management & First Signings

717 Entertainment, known in central Pennsylvania for booking and promotion at venues such as Gulliftys, HMAC, Tourist Inn and more as well as being the Home of the 717 Music Awards has announced an expansion of the brand. 717 Entertainment Booking & Management was announced with the first signings being The Destruct Principle. and Kamikaze Kupcakes both featuring Addam Robert Paul, a staple in the central PA music scene for over 10 years.

“We’ve gained an enormous amount of contacts through booking and venues as well as bands around not only the u.s but the world in the last ten years. In addition to booking shows in the 717 I’m really excited to start taking some bands from central PA and giving them more avenues such as different cities, tours and just generally getting them in front of more audiences. There is a lot of talent in Central PA. This booking and management is not limited to Central PA however as we’ll be looking at bands all over the world”. The expansion started with two bands but will included more as time goes on. There is no sign of slowing in the booking department as 717 Entertainment has many upcoming shows at HMAC, The Tourist inn, The Racehorse Tavern and just recently announced shows at the Lizard Lounge in Lancaster.

If interested in Booking The Destruct Principle or Kamikaze Kupcakes Contact Nick:

Jessica MeyersComment