from Ashes to new was conceived by Matt Brandyberry a local Lancaster guy who had spent time in bands like Elysium Skyline and most notably Twelve After w/ his brother in law (Demon Rum Vocalist) Zach Wilkins.  
When these bands dissolved Matt began writing and recording some new music on his own, enlisting former band mate Chris Musser to handle some vocals on these new tracks eventually From Ashes To New was
born.  After the release of their debut record "Day One" the group suffered member losses among many other rough things.  Matt was left again back to the start with everyone telling him to let it go and try something else.  He never gave up, found a new group of guys Matt M (former drummer of Trivium), Lance D, who had been w/ him for a bit of the day one cycle and new vocalist Danny Case rounded out the group.  This is important because on Monday was Matt's triumphant return to his hometown to headline the chameleon club backed by his new band, new songs, new album and his family that stood by him since day one (no pun intended) he came out and put on a masterful performance.  


The show was opened by Diamante, a blue haired 21 year old spitfire born in Boston and settled in Los Angeles.  Her debut full length record "Coming in Hot" was released only 3 days prior and she was out touring in support of it.  
She wore a skin tight black suit that somehow she managed to not sweat out of.  Her backing band was equally impressive with their high energy and accuracy on the instruments.  The band tore through album tracks like "War Cry", "Coming in Hot" and her take on the Heart classic "Crazy on You".  They also threw in the 2014 single "Bite Your Kiss".   The set was fast and seemed short, which is always a good sign.  


Next up was the band many felt were headlining the tour, Bad Wolves.  For the folks who have only heard their version of the cranberries classic "Zombie" the band had a few surprises for them.  Bad Wolves are not a cover band by any stretch of the imagination nor are they anything but a metal band.  The band came out swinging kicking it off with album opener "Officer Down" and not letting up throughout the nearly hour long set.  In all they ran through 12 of the 13 tracks on the just released debut offering called "Disobey".  Opener Diamante came up to sing "Hear Me Know".  The venue was extremely hot but the band didn't let up nor did the fans.  After pushing through a very metal heavy set they closed with the aforementioned "Zombie" in which you could barely hear vocalist Tommy Vext as the crowd was singing along so loudly.  


01. "Officer Down"
02. "Learn to Live"
03. "No Masters"
04. "Remember When"
05. "Shape Shifter"
06. "Better The Devil"
07. "Run For Your Life"
08. "Truth or Dare"
09. "Hear Me Now" (w/ Diamante)
10. "Jesus Slaves"
11. "Toast to The Ghost"
12. "Zombie" (Cranberries Cover)


The main event was the return of From Ashes to New.  The band opened with drummer Matt Madiro coming to The drum riser followed by Matt Brandyberry coming out and beginning the song "The Future".  Next out was
guitarist Lance Dowdle and finally as the chorus was just to hit new vocalist Danny Case came running on stage full of energy.  The band jumped in unison for portions of the show, while Danny moves around on stage quickly
Matt tends to stalk the stage as a natural born singer.   He earned his spot on that stage and the band mentioned all through the night that they are products of never giving up.  They opened a small pit during "Downfall" and
just played to the crowd beautifully the entire night.  Playing songs off all their records and the self titled E.P. they focused on the new record the future.  They threw water into the crowd consistently as the venue was so hot you
would sweat just thinking about it.  They also played their Linkin Park cover which is primarily the song "Heavy" though they mixed in "Papercut" as well to give it a bit of a different twist.  By the time the acoustic guitar came
out and Danny led into the bands huge single "Crazy" the crowd sang every word.  It was difficult to hear the band at some points with the crowd singing along to every song.  They went old school and closed with their very first single "Through it All".  With a mass of friends in the crowd and flanked by his family on side stage Matt was home and triumphant is the only word you can use to describe his homecoming.


01. "The Future"
02. "My Fight"
03. "Downfall"
04. "Land of Make Believe"
05. "Wake Up"
06. "Gone Forever"
07. "Broken"
08. "Not Forgotten"
09. "Heavy / Papercut" (linkin Park Cover)
10. "Crazy"
11. "My Name'
12. "Breaking Now"
13. "Nowhere to Run"
14. "Through it All"

Songs 1, 5-8, 10, 11& 13 Taken from The Second Full Length "The Future"
Songs 3, 4, 12 & 14 Taken from the Debut Full Length "Day One"
Song 2 Taken from The Self Titled EP
Song 9 Non Album Track.

*Review & Photo's by Nick Meyers Copyright 717 Entertainment LLC.*